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Hey Playmakers!!! We’ve got you a first look Core-5 of MLB DFS Picks to get your lineups started, as well as a few additional plays to consider. These picks work for both DraftKings and FanDuel. We’ll be researching and digging for the best plays throughout the day, so be sure to keep an eye out for our Stack Report, and Premium Core plays closer to lock.

Pitchers :

P | Jose Quintana | Chicago Cubs | FD: $7,900  | DK: $8,400

Opponent: Miami Marlins

1.Game in Miami, one of the league’s most pitcher friendly parks in baseball.
2. He has posted a ridiculous 14.14 K per 9 so far in 019
3.Miami enters the contest with a low .136 ISO vs lefties which shows they don’t hit for power vs Lefties
4.In games not vs the Brewers Quintana has a FIP below 1.

Also Consider: T. Glasnow (TBR)

Infielders :

1B: Justin Smoak | Toronto Blue Jays | FD:3,300 | DK:4,200

Opposing Pitcher: Kyle Gibson

1.Kyle Gibson has allowed 3 HR’S to LHH in only 24 AB’S
2.Justin Smoak’s .280 .ISO vs RHP shows us that he is demonstrating all star caliber power vs RHP
3.Kyle Gibson offers a high exit velocity allowed of 91mph with a 14% Barrel rate, this shows us that he is getting hard consistently
4.Justin Smoak has a WRC+ of 175 demonstrating that his hot start vs RHP hasn’t been flukey

SS: Willy Adames| Tampa Bay Rays | FD:$2,700 | DK:$3,600

Opposing Pitcher: Dylan Bundy

1. Bundy has allowed 5 HR’S to RHH in 36 AB’S
2. Bundy is allowing an average exit velocity of 90MPH while offering a barrel rate of 19% showing he is consistently getting hit hard
3.After Adames started cold, his last 6 games he has smashed the ball with an .ISO above .300
4. Adames has 10 hits in past 6 Games

Also Consider: A. Rizzo (CHC), Y. Diaz (TBR), B. Lowe (TBR), F. Galvis (TOR)


OF | Austin Meadows | Tampa Bay Rays | FD:$4,200 | DK:$5,000

Opposing Pitcher: Dylan Bundy

1.As stated above, Bundy is allowing an average exit velocity above 90 MPH and a barrel rate of 19%, meaning he is getting hard consistently.
2. Meadows has an average exit velocity of 91 MPH.
3. Meadows is one of the hottest hitters in baseball, with 4 HR’S in 6 games.
4.Meadows demonstrating crazy power with an .ISO of .350.

OF | Shin-Soo Choo | Texas Rangers | FD:$3,500 | DK:$4,300

Opposing Pitcher: Matt Harvey

1.Harvey allowing a Hard contact rate of 60% to lefties.
2.Harvey has allowed 3 HRs with an average of .357 to lefties in 2019.
3. Choo batting .324 vs RHP with an .ISO of .206 so far this season, showing he is hitting for both average and power vs Righties as he has throughout his career.
4. Choo has an average exit velocity of 92 MPH, a re-affirmation that he is hitting the ball hard.

Also Consider: T. Pham (TBR), J. Heyward (CHC), B. MicKinney (TOR)

Zachary Williamson is a DailyPlayAction MLB expert, and shares his player research/projections for MLB on DraftKings and FanDuel. Trevor plays on both sites himself, and although he expresses his opinions, he may implement other plays and strategies without notice.