League of Legends – World Championship – 10/3 – Breakdown – LoL DFS


League of Legends – World Championship – 10/3 – Breakdown – LoL DFS

Who’s ready for some League of Legends, Playmakers! Robbie Catterton here, ready to provide all of you the information necessary to compete consistently in the unpredictable, crazy and awesome world that we call eSports!

For all of our new playmakers wondering who is this guy trying to get me interested in the world of eSports, I am known as TeamCATT here at Daily Play Action. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA playing and following all sports growing up and was lucky enough to compete in both Football and Baseball at the Division I Collegiate level. I have been involved in DFS since 2017 and have been full go in this life we call Daily Fantasy Sports ever since. Just like many of you, I had never played eSports in DFS before the major sports leagues stopped back in March, but dove in immediately after we lost our favorite pastimes and have risen all the way to currently being ranked in the Top 25 Nationally in eSports in less then 2 months of playing, to go along with a Top 250 National ranking in all sports.

Alright enough about me, let’s get onto the real reason were all here today; League of Legends DFS!

Before I dive into the teams, let’s talk a little bit about lineup construction and lay out some ground rules first. The preferred way to attack these LoL slates is to stack players from winning teams, more specifically 4-3, 4-2-1, or 3-3-1 stacks. My preference is the 4-3 stacking method, as it is the optimal way to build over 80% of the time. When looking at specific players for your lineups the pairings you will want to try and fit together are ADC/SUP (the Supports main objective is to assist the other team members that get the Kills, mainly the ADC position) and the MID/JNG positions are also a great pairing option (while the JNG has other objectives, like farming to get points, it creates Kills as well, specifically for the MID position by assisting them in battles. Last but not least, one thing to ALWAYS keep in mind is when selecting a Captain option, target the ADC and MID positions as they generate the most fantasy points on a game by game basis as Kills are king and these two positions definitely wear the crown. OK, now that we have that covered, let’s jump into tomorrow’s slate!

The time has come, the League of Legends World Championships are here! For the next month we will get to see the top teams in the world compete for the right to call themselves the best in the world. To begin the tournament our slates will consist of Play-In games with teams fighting for the final spot in each group before proceeding into Group stages on October 3rd and concluding with the Championship game on Halloween.

GROUP STAGES (Best of 1)

Game 1: Top Esports (TES) – FlyQuest (FLY)

Game One brings us a battle of the number one team in the LPL in Top Esports taking on the second seed from the LCS in FlyQuest. TES are widely considered the best team in the world at the moment and a true favorite to win the World Championship while FLY are no slouch themselves having been consistently ranked as one of the top teams in League of Legends for a while. While FLY are a talented team this matchup should get our day started with a very one sided match. TES have lane advantages in every position and I look for them to dominate in all facets of the game tomorrow. They have arguably the best ADC and MID on the planet at the moment in ADC JackeyLove $8,400 and MID Knight $8,200 to go along with World class players at every other position. Knight has the toughest matchup in this one for TES but his talent should allow him to control his lane but I look for the BOT side to be the key to victory for them. ADC JackeLove $8,400 and SUP yuyanjia $6,400 have the biggest mismatch and while anyone on this team can take a game over I look for this duo to bring it home for TES. FlyQuest started out slow in the LCS summer but finished with a very impressive run into Worlds. Their best player by far is MID PowerOfEvil $5,600 but he will be going against the best MID laner in the whole tournament so for FLY to earn the upset it will take the rest of his teammates playing at the top of their games. Players like TOP Solo $4,600 and JNG Santorin $5,200 have to farm and build up their objectives early in their lanes or the mid to late game dominance that TES is known for will be the end to this teams opening game hopes.

My Core 2 for TES: JackeyLove (ADC $8,400), Karsa (JNG $7,600)

My Core 2 for FLY: PowerOfEvil (MID $5,600), Solo (TOP $4,600)

Game 2: DragonX (DRX) – Unicorns of Love (UOL)

Our second game of the day brings us the story of the play-in stages in Unicorns of Love from the LCL taking on the second seed from the LCK in DragonX. On paper based on leagues alone DRX should win this one but UOL have shown to be dominant so far this tournament and I expect a bloody battle. UOL come out fast and never let their feet off the pedal while DRX are happy to just build objectives allowing their very talented individual players to build up enough strength for the later team fights. DRX are led by their MID/JNG duo as are UOL and this is where the match could be won or lost in this one. JNG Pyosik $7,200 is the straw that stirs the drink for DRX and while he has a tough matchup I believe his talent level is superior to that of his counterpart. The same can be said for MID Chovy $7,600 as UOL’s top player is in the MID lane but Chovy has developed into one of the top MID’s in LoL today. ADC Deft $7,800 has the biggest lane advantage in this one and I look for DRX to try and figure out ways to get him involved as much as possible. Unicorns of Love didn’t lose a single game in their respective league this summer but tomorrow will be an extremely different level of competition. With that being said they have shown us already this team is capable of defeating any league in this tournament and for me it’ll come down to MID Nomanz $5,800 and JNG AHaHaCiK $5,000 going toe to toe with their lane matchups. While I believe DRX should win UOL are definitely a live dog in this one and as we have seen already, Best of one’s anything can happen.

My Core 2 for DRX: Deft (ADC $7,800), Pyosik (JNG $7,200)

My Core 2 for UOL: Nomanz (MID $5,800), AHaHaCiK (JNG $5,000)

Game 3: PSG Talon (PSG) – Rogue (RGE)

Game Three brings us Rogue and the LEC battling it out with PSG Talon from the PCS in what might be the most even matchup of the day. Rogue at one time this summer looked like the best team in their league before sliding towards the end of the summer split barely qualifying for Worlds. PSG Talon just like UOL in the game above dominated their play-in games and to make it even better used two replacement players due to visa concerns from their usual starters. Both teams play at a slower pace focusing on objectives controlling vision around the map so whoever plays their game style the best will come out on top in this one. Rogue are led by their MID Larsson 7,400 and JNG Inspired $6,600 but tomorrow their biggest advantages seem to be in the BOT side of the map and will need ADC Hans Sama 7,600 to lead this one. PSG Talon are riding high after play-ins but the biggest concern for me is the fact that they will be benching two of their top performers in play-ins for their usual JNG and MID now that that they got their Visa concerns taken care of. While JNG River $6,400 and MID Tank $6,400 were out of play-ins they are PSG’s top performers on the year and they will need to get back into form with their teammates quickly to secure this victory. While I believe this match is going to be a great one for League of Legends purposes I do not see it being very advantageous fantasy wise as like I said above this one should be one of the slower paced matches we see all day.

My Core 2 for PSG: Tank (MID $6,400), Hanabi (TOP $5,600)

My Core 2 for RGE: Hans Sama (ADC $7,600), Inspired (JNG $6,600)

Game 4: JD Gaming (JDG) – DAMWON Gaming (DWG)

Now is where the fun begins. Game Four brings us the most anticipated match of the day as LPL powerhouse JD Gaming take on the cream of the crop from the LCK in DAMWON Gaming. Bring your popcorn cause both of these teams will coming out firing from start to finish. JDG and DWG have world class talent from top to bottom and the victor in this one is truly a toss up but in my opinion will be in the optimal line once the slate is over. The individual matchups are as close as they come and whatever squad plays like a “team” tomorrow will come out on top. JDG are led by ADC Loken $7,000 who at one time was considered the best ADC in the World and still is in the conversation and if there are any lane advantages in this one for them it’ll be in the BOT side of the map as he and SUP LvMao $4,600 make for a very strong duo. With that being said their top player this year has been JNG Kanavi $6,000 and he will look to dominate his lane matchup allowing the other members of this squad to focus elsewhere. DAMWON Gaming has been unstoppable to say the least this summer in the LCK and could very well be in the top form of any team at Worlds. MID ShowMaker $7,200 is elite as well as TOP Nuguri $6,200 and while slim I believe they have the best individual matchups in the morning for DWG so I look for them to do whatever they can to get these two involved early and often. Both teams average over twenty kills per game as well as close to twenty deaths in losses so this one should get bloody and like I said above whoever plays like a true team and doesn’t get caught out of positions will end up the winner.

My Core 2 for JDG: Loken (ADC $7,000), Kanavi (JNG $6,000)

My Core 2 for DWG: ShowMaker (MID $7,200), Nuguri (TOP $6,200)

Game 5: LGD Gaming (LGD) – Gen.G (GEN)

LGD Gaming from the LPL face off against Gen.G representing the LCK in our second to last matchup of the day. We all should be familiar with both teams as they have been regulars on most of our League of Legends slates throughout the spring and summer. LGD had to go through play-ins to get to the group stage and barely made it out. Over the last week we have seen the good and the bad with this squad and while I do believe they found themselves again at the end of play-ins, tomorrow will be an extremely difficult opening match. Somehow they have managed to win enough games with their best player JNG Peanut $5,800 non existent so far in Worlds. In the morning it will need to be all hands on deck for this squad to win as their opponent spreads the map with the best of them. ADC Kramer $6,800 has the toughest lane assignment but will be needed greatly or his counterpart will snowball the game. If MID xiye $6,000 can handle the Top side of the map with JNG Peanut $5,800 and TOP LangX $5,000 we could be in for a game. Gen.G are one of the most balanced lineups in the world and can defeat a team playing to slower objective based game or the in your face were just gonna fight and see what happens game. ADC Ruler $8,000 is the leader of this team and has a chance to dominate the BOT lane as him and SUP Life $5,600 make for a very intriguing part of GEN stacks. MID Bdd $7,800 and TOP Rascal $6,600 were on top of their games at the end of the summer and I expect the same tomorrow.

My Core 2 for LGD: xiye (MID $6,000), Peanut (JNG $5,800)

My Core 2 for GEN: Ruler (ADC $8,000), Rascal (TOP $6,600)

Game 6: Fnatic (FNC) – Team SoloMid (TSM)

We close out our slate with Fnatic from the LEC going up against Team SoloMid from the LCS and this matchup should be a battle. Fnatic, typically one of the top teams around had an extremely in-consistent summer. TSM, just like their opponent were up and down all summer but found their stride in the LCS playoffs taking the Championship. FNC are going to come out fighting and average close to twenty kills per win and twenty deaths per loss showing that this one could get ugly. TSM prefer the more balanced style focusing on gold and objectives before forcing team fights but have the ability to be aggressive as well. ADC Rekkles $8,200 is the main carry for FNC and has a somewhat favorable matchup. JNG Selfmade $6,800 will need to help MID Nemesis $7,000 out as he will face the toughest lane assignment. TSM go through MID Bjergsen $6,200 and if he continues to land on champions that help him take the game to the opponent this team will have a good chance at taking this one. TOP Broken Blade $5,200 and star rookie JNG Spica $5,400 have grown to become a formidable TOP side and will be key to success tomorrow. On paper FNC are the favorites and could very well be too aggressive for TSM to hold up but if TSM do pull the upset we could see a good number of kills making both teams viable in stacks.

My Core 2 for FNC: Rekkles (ADC $8,200), Selfmade (JNG $6,800)

My Core 2 for TSM: Bjergsen (MID $6,200), Broken Blade (TOP $5,200)

*TeamCATT’s Top Captains: JackeyLove (ADC $12,600), ShowMaker (MID $10.800), Loken (ADC $10,500), Ruler (ADC $12,000), Deft (ADC $11,700), Knight (MID $12,300), Nomanz (MID $8,700), Bjergsen (MID $9,300)

Thank you for tuning into yet another installment of our eSports coverage! Stay tuned for more awesome free content in CS:GO, LoL, KBO and much more soon to come! Also make sure to follow us on Twitter at @DailyPlayAction for more free tips and advice!