League of Legends – World Championship – 9/25 – Breakdown – LoL DFS


League of Legends – World Championship – 9/25 – Breakdown – LoL DFS

Who’s ready for some League of Legends, Playmakers! Robbie Catterton here, ready to provide all of you the information necessary to compete consistently in the unpredictable, crazy and awesome world that we call eSports!

For all of our new playmakers wondering who is this guy trying to get me interested in the world of eSports, I am known as TeamCATT here at Daily Play Action. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA playing and following all sports growing up and was lucky enough to compete in both Football and Baseball at the Division I Collegiate level. I have been involved in DFS since 2017 and have been full go in this life we call Daily Fantasy Sports ever since. Just like many of you, I had never played eSports in DFS before the major sports leagues stopped back in March, but dove in immediately after we lost our favorite pastimes and have risen all the way to currently being ranked in the Top 25 Nationally in eSports in less then 2 months of playing, to go along with a Top 250 National ranking in all sports.

Alright enough about me, let’s get onto the real reason were all here today; League of Legends DFS!

Before I dive into the teams, let’s talk a little bit about lineup construction and lay out some ground rules first. The preferred way to attack these LoL slates is to stack players from winning teams, more specifically 4-3, 4-2-1, or 3-3-1 stacks. My preference is the 4-3 stacking method, as it is the optimal way to build over 80% of the time. When looking at specific players for your lineups the pairings you will want to try and fit together are ADC/SUP (the Supports main objective is to assist the other team members that get the Kills, mainly the ADC position) and the MID/JNG positions are also a great pairing option (while the JNG has other objectives, like farming to get points, it creates Kills as well, specifically for the MID position by assisting them in battles. Last but not least, one thing to ALWAYS keep in mind is when selecting a Captain option, target the ADC and MID positions as they generate the most fantasy points on a game by game basis as Kills are king and these two positions definitely wear the crown. OK, now that we have that covered, let’s jump into tomorrow’s slate!

The time has come, the League of Legends World Championships are here! For the next month we will get to see the top teams in the world compete for the right to call themselves the best in the world. To begin the tournament our slates will consist of Play-In games with teams fighting for the final spot in each group before proceeding into Group stages on October 5th and concluding with the Championship game on Halloween.

Best of 1

Game 1: Intz (ITZ) – Legacy Esports (LGC)

Game One of the League of Legends Play-in games brings us two teams pretty new to us. Intz comes into Worlds as one of the biggest unknowns in the tourney as they just last spring were in the CBLOL academy league advancing to the main league this summer and then win the league in their first season becoming the summer Champion of the CBLOL. Legacy Esports come to us from the Oceania Pro League and have dominated this league the past few years. LGC are reigning spring and summer champions from the OPL and will look to continue their dominant play in Worlds. Overall the CBLOL is a superior league compared to the OPL but in Worlds anything can happen. ITZ is a team that likes to play the long game building up gold and objectives allowing their players enough time to build enough strength to takeover any team fight they come across. JNG Shini $6,600 (two kills, seven assists per map) and MID Envy $7,400 (four kills, five assists per map) play like they’ve been teammates for years and if this duo are on their game they will be tough to beat. ADC micaO $7,200 (three kills, six assists per map) and SUP RedBert $5,600 (one kill, nine assists per map) make for great additions to a three or four man stack. Legacy Esports start fast and never slow down. This team will try to impose their will on a team from the jump and if they get out ahead early it’s a wrap. TOP Topoon $6,200 (three kills, seven assists per map) and JNG Babip $6,400 (three kills, eight assists per map) lead the way for them and are fully capable of taking over their individual lanes allowing their MID Tally $7,000 (three kills, seven assists per map) and ADC Raes $7,000 (five kills, six assists per map) do what they do best and finish off opponents. This game should be an exciting opening game for us and I could see a three or four man stack from the winning squad ending up in the optimal build.

My Core 2 for ITZ: Envy (MID $7,400), Shini (JNG $6,600)

My Core 2 for LGC: Raes (ADC $7,000), Topoon (TOP $6,200)

Game 2: PSG Talon (PSG) – LGD Gaming (LGD)

Our next play-in game brings us our largest favorite on the slate. LGD come in as the third seed from the very strong LPL while PSG were runner ups this summer in the PCS. Even though LGD were only the third seed from their league, the LPL is one of the strongest leagues in the world and I fully expect them to run over PSG in this matchup. PSG are missing vital members of their starting lineup for various reasons during the play-in stage and while the replacements are quality LoL players they will be no match for this LGD squad. LGD have lane advantages in every position but the one that stands out the most is ADC Kramer $8,000 (four kills, six assists per map) but as you have heard from me time and time again this team wins and loses based on the type of game JNG Peanut $7,400 (three kills, seven assists per map) is having and I expect him to come out on fire. Stack him with the dynamic partnership of ADC Kramer $8,000 (mentioned above) and SUP Mark $6,000 one kill, nine assists per map) and LGD should control both sides of the map in the morning. As I said above PSG has had to bring in replacement players for the play-ins and while they are talented in their own right LGD’s experience as a team should be too much to overcome. JNG Kongyue $5,800 is one of those new players and probably the most talented member on this squad but he will have the toughest matchup on the entire slate. For PSG to pull the upset he will need to keep Peanut in check allowing the other members like TOP Hanabi $5,600 and MID Uniboy $6,400 to roam around and pick off the other members of LGD.

My Core 2 for PSG: Uniboy (MID $6,400), Kongyue (JNG $5,800)

My Core 2 for LGD: Kramer (ADC $8,000), Peanut (JNG $7,400)

Game 3: MAD Lions (MAD) – Team Liquid (TL)

We end our day with two teams that we are all very familiar with and what should also provide us with a great opening day matchup. MAD Lions finished fourth in the LEC summer while Team Liquid finished the summer third in the LCS. Both teams come from dominant LoL leagues and at times during the summer splits played like the top team in their respective leagues. While both teams are very competitive they also play completely different game styles. MAD will look to fight early and often averaging over 20 kills in wins and over 20 deaths in losses while TL are the more controlled team focusing on gold and objectives to build a lead early and then pounce on teams in the late game with full on team fights. In this matchup we have pretty even individual lane matchups from top to bottom but for MAD to win they will need their JNG Shad0w $7,000 (four kills, seven assists per map) to be on his best game as I believe he has the slight advantage over his lane matchup and it’ll come down to him and MID Humanoid $7,200 (four kills, six assists per map) taking over the top side of the map if this team is to find victory. While Team Liquid play at a slower pace then most don’t let that fool you as they have proven this summer that when called upon to fight they will gladly accept the challenge and are capable of competing at any play style. The duo of ADC Tactical $6,800 (four kills, five assists per map) and LCS rookie of the year SUP CoreJJ $4,600 (one kill, eight assists per map) have been dominant to say the least this summer and this is where I believe they have the best chance at victory and will be main pieces in my TL stacks. Three or four man stacks are fully viable in this one.

My Core 2 for MAD: Humanoid (MID 7,200), Shad0w (JNG $7,000)

My Core 2 for TL: Tactical (ADC $6,800), Impact (TOP $5,800)

*TeamCATT’s Top Captains: xiye (MID $11,700), Humanoid (MID $10,800), Tactical (ADC $10,200), Raes (ADC $10,500), micaO (ADC $10,800), Peanut (JNG $11,100)

Thank you for tuning into yet another installment of our eSports coverage! Stay tuned for more awesome free content in CS:GO, LoL, KBO and much more soon to come! Also make sure to follow us on Twitter at @DailyPlayAction for more free tips and advice!