NFL Playbook Cheat Sheet – Wild Card Playoffs – DraftKings & FanDuel


Happy Wild Card Weekend everyone! Alex Krall (@AlexKrallDFS on twitter) here, and I’m pleased to announce that the first playoff edition of The NFL Playbook Cheat Sheet is officially LIVE for VIP subscribers.

This weekend presents a unique four game slate, with a handful of great plays and a much bigger fray of solid plays with similar floors/ceilings. We will be updating The NFL Playbook as more injury news rolls in, but our favorite plays are very well reflected in player descriptions on the cheat sheet and we are confident in our core plays. Make sure you stay tuned on the DPA NFL Discord Channel for more up to the minute updates as they come in.

This week, you can expect to find the following on The NFL Playbook:

  • The Wild Card Game Stack Matrix
  • The Wild Card Cash Game Pool
  • THE DPA Wild Card CORE for both DraftKings and FanDuel
  • GPP / Cash Game Viability
  • DVOA matchups
  • WR/CB matchups
  • OL/DL matchups
  • DPA Play Grades
  • Projected ownership
  • Vegas totals
  • Notes/Commentary on every play

… and a whole lot more!

To gain access to the entire NFL Playbook Cheatsheet as well the rest of our DPA VIP content, join us and subscribe to DPA Premium for just 33 cents per day at the following link:

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