The Daily Diamond – 5.28 – Free KBO Slate Breakdown – FanDuel and DraftKings


Hey Playmakers!!! Nick Marro here with my KBO Breakdown for both DraftKings and FanDuel. Until the MLB returns, my focus will be on the Korean Baseball League. In addition to my Core-5 for each site, I’ve also provided you with my top Pitchers and Stacks for tonight/today’s slate which locks at 5:30 AM EST.

It’s been a while since we’ve had any Baseball DFS, so it’s important to remember the following. Stacks win tournaments, there’s a ton of variability, and variance can be your friend as ownership is often correlated to the lines/odds in Vegas. I recommend starting any line-up with a hitter stack and then building from there. We don’t yet have the quality Sabermetrics we do for the MLB, so we’re stuck relying on some older metrics in some cases. Regardless, it’s going to take some time to get used to this new league. The slate locks at 5:30 AM EST, so set an alarm if you’re playing for a lot of money and make sure your guys are in the line-up. If you have a recommendation for what you’d like to see in this article, just let me know!!!

Top Pitchers
Hyun-Jong Yang/KIA Starting P ($9,600/$29): Yang has yet to look as dominant as he did for KIA last season, but he’s progressing in that direction. He’s averaging a K per IP across his last two starts, which included an impressive W against Doosan in which he recorded 7 Strikeouts. His FIP sits at a shaky 4.80, but I feel this is more a product of offseason rust than anything else. As I’ve mentioned before, Yang finished 2019 with an impressive 2.59 FIP and a very solid 7.94 K/9. He’s expensive here, but he’s easily the top pitcher on this slate. It’s a tough match-up, but he’s my favorite option everywhere.

Casey Kelly/LG Starting P ($7,400/$23): Kelly really hasn’t looked great this season, but his 2.82 FIP and .360 BABIP allowed suggest is 5.79 ERA is almost entirely just noise. He’ll never be a top-tier Strikeout guy, but his 6.43 K/9 is more than serviceable and he’ll benefit here against a mediocre Hanwha squad. He’s a -150 favorite tonight, in the game with the lowest total on the slate. I think the oddsmakers nailed it with this one. He’s my 2nd favorite option tonight after Yang. I’ll have a lot on both sites.

Warwick Saupold/Hanwha Starting P ($9,000/$26): Saupold has looked decent (not great) to start the season, but I have interest in him here on a slate with limited SP options. He’s carrying a decent 3.86 FIP through his first 4 starts this season and while he isn’t a big time K guy, he has been consistent recording 4+ Ks in 8 of his last 10 GS. The price is a bit too high on him here, but he has one of the higher floors on the slate. He’s not a top priority for me here tonight, but he’s a quality option if you’re looking to expand your player pool.

Also Consider: Young-Gyu Kim/NC Starting P

Top Stacks (and who I’m targeting):
Note: Just like in MLB DFS, stacking is extremely important. Since the KBO has far fewer HRs than the MLB, ‘small ball’ can be your friend. Your one-off plays should either be excellent value – or guys with raw power (or stolen base) potential. Try your best to stack and double-stack using the following teams. From there feel free to use one-offs.

Doosan Bears (DOO):  We benefited greatly from mostly fading these guys last night, but tonight I’m back on Doosan in a big way. They have a 7.6 Implied Run Total here against the SK Wyverns bullpen. SK will be rolling out a decent arm in Geun-wook Lee here, but he’s unlikely to pitch more than an inning or two. After Lee’s turn, I expect Doosan to absolutely crush these guys in this spot. Jose Fernandez (1B) is the top bat to own on this team. His price is climbing, but he continuously produces as one of the best hitters in this league. He’s a top priority for me everywhere tonight. After Fernandez, Jae-Hwan Kim (OF) appears to be healthy after an injury scare last week. Keep an eye on the line-up, but as long as he’s in he’s a strong play everywhere and the clear-cut #2 option on this team. Jae-Il Oh (1B) has missed his last six games, if he’s back tonight I’d prioritize him here as well (although I’m not too confident in that shaking out). Joo-Hwan Choi (1B/2B) is still too cheap on DraftKings with a potent bat in his own right. Kun-woo Park (OF) and Soo-Bin Jung (OF) are solid plays here as well and both worth prioritizing after the big guns. If Jae-Won Oh (2B) or Jae-Ho Kim (SS) make the line-up (they both should) they’re excellent value options near minimum price. There’s really no wrong way to go when stacking this team. If a guy is in the Starting line-up for DOO, he’s in consideration for me everywhere. If you go this route it’s probably going to be worth waking up early and checking the line-ups. Catcher Se-Hyuk Park (C) is also viable everywhere.

NC Dinos (NCD): Rostering the Dinos has been like printing money lately. I’m more than happy to get back on them here tonight against Dae-Hyun Jung, one of the worst pitchers on this slate. Jung hasn’t pitched since 2017. He’s got a career ERA north of 6 and I have trouble believing we’re going to see much of an improvement for him this time around. You’re going to have to wake up and check, but Eui-ji Yang (C) is my favorite bat in this stack if he makes the lineup here. He has been nursing multiple injuries, so be sure to confirm he’s starting before lock, but he fills a void at a weak Catcher position on DraftKings, and he’s truly one of the best bats in the KBO when he’s in. After Yang (or if Yang is out), Sung Bum Na (OF) and Suk-min Park (3B) are my second and 3rd favorite options from this team. Na is one of the premier bats in this league, and Park has looked excellent this season as a starter as his price remains reasonable everywhere. Fourth (and perhaps even higher if you’re chasing upside) Aaron Altherr (OF) is a strong OF option tonight. I like him much better on FanDuel as his DraftKings price still feels a bit too high, but he’s solid on both sites – and even better if he moves back up in the batting order. After that, I like Jin-Sung Kang (OF) as lower-owned outfield play if he’s starting.  Myung-Gi Lee (3B) and Min-woo Park (2B) both appeal to me here IF they’re hitting at the top of the order. Jin-Hyuk No (SS) is viable shortstop option if he makes the line-up. There are a lot of moving parts here so be sure whoever you select for this stack is indeed starting. Yang has been a killer when he’s in, but he’s sitting more often than not. Regardless, this is one of my favorite teams to stack on this slate. I’ll have plenty on both sites.

KIA Tigers (KIA):
The KIA Tigers should feast tonight against a less than mediocre Pitcher in Hyeong-Jun So. So has allowed 2+ ER in each of his three starts this season, including 8 in his last start against a mediocre Hanwha squad. Hyung-woo Choi (1B) is a quality anchor for any KIA stack and my favorite option (albeit an expensive one) on this team. He’s one of the premier power bats in this league. I’m happy to continue taking him even at a high price, especially now that it appears, he’s fully past his early-season slump. After that I like former Houston Astros OF, Preston Tucker (OF). Tucker has dominated KBO pitching so far this season, posting an excellent .295 ISO to date. He’s one of the best hitters in this league and one of my favorite bats on this slate. We’ll need value here to fit Choi with Tucker here, but if you go with KIA – that’s my recommended direction. Whichever catcher gets the start between Young-hwan Baek (C) or Seung-Taek Han (C) becomes a quality value option. Sun-bin Kim (SS) is another priority for me here, he provides upside on both sites at a discounted price. Ji-wan Na (OF) and Min-Sang Yoo (1B) are quality value plays on both sites, just make sure they’re in the lineup. Chan-Ho Park (3B/SS) come out ice cold this season, but he’s a viable part of this stack if he’s leading off again.

Also Consider: Lotte Giants, SK Wyverns

DraftKings Cash Core
SP – Hyun-Jong Yang (KIA) $9,600
SP2 – Casey Kelly (LGT) $7,400
C – Eui-ji Yang (NCD) $4,800
1B/2B- Joo-Hwan Choi (DOO) $2,500
OF –  Kun-woo Park (DOO) $4,000
OF – Sung-Bum Na (NCD) $4,200

FanDuel Cash Core
SP – KIA Starting P (KIA) $29
IF –  Eui-ji Yang (NCD) $13
IF – Jae-Won Oh (DOO) $7
OF – Ji-wan Na (KIA) $7
OF – Hyung-woo Choi (KIA) $11

Top Value Plays on DraftKings (no particular order):
1B/2B- Joo-hwan Choi (DOO) $2,500
1B – Roberto Ramos (LGT) $3,700
2B- Jae-Won Oh (DOO) $2,000
2B- Joo-Hwan Choi (DOO) $2,500
3B – Suk-Min Park (NCD) $3,800

Top Value Plays on FanDuel (no particular order):
IF – Suk-Min Park (NCD) $10
IF – Jae-won Oh (DOO) $7
IF – Sun-bin Kim (KIA) $9
OF – Aaron Altherr (NCD) $10
OF – Ji-wan Na (KIA) $7

BONUS BEST BETS:     (30-19)
Doosan v. SK Wyverns OVER 11.5 (-110)
KIA Tigers ML -160
NC Dinols RL -1.5 (+110)

Nick Marro is a DailyPlayAction MLB expert and MLB Team Lead. He shares his player research/projections for KBO on DraftKings and FanDuel. Nick plays on both sites himself, and although he expresses his opinions, he may implement other plays and strategies without notice. Follow him on Twitter @NickMarroDFS.