The Daily Diamond – 7.18 – Premium Cash Game Core Plays – FanDuel and DraftKings MLB


Hey Playmakers!!! Nick Marro here with my Cash Game Core Plays for both DraftKings and FanDuel. In addition to my Core-5, I’ve also provided you some other options to consider, as well as some notes on my thought process in building my lineup. These plays are intended for Cash games, but their overall quality should make them nice GPP plays as well. Keep an eye out for today’s Stack Report, a breakdown of our favorite Hitter stacks, as well as the DPA Pitcher Cheat Sheet.

For the DPA VIPs, I’ll be in our Live Chat Channel 90 minutes prior to every Main slate. You can also reach me on Twitter @NickMarroDFS. There is money on the table. Let’s EAT!

The DPA Daily Diamond Premium Cash Core:

P | Trevor Bauer | Cleveland Indians | $10,800 FanDuel | $11,000 DraftKings

Opponent: Detroit Tigers

1. Bauer’s 27.4% K Rate is one of the best numbers on the slate.
2. The Tigers have a meager 3.35 implied team total tonight, one of the lowest numbers on the board.
3. He has a combined 20 Ks across his last two starts. He’s rounding into form.
4. He has a 8.5 (-108) K Prop tonight, the best number on the board via Vegas.
5. The Tigers projected starting line-up has a K% pushing 25. The K upside here is excellent and should allow Clevinger to approach value even if he allows a Run or two.

Also consider: M. Bumgarner (SFG), N. Syndergaard (NYM), S. Strasburg (WAS), K. Gibson (MIN)

Pitcher Notes: If you’re playing Cash, just play Bauer. We saw what Clevinger did to these Tigers last night, and while Bauer isn’t really on the same level in terms of Swinging Strike percentages- he’s still damn good and should be able to fully take advantage of this spot. In tournaments, he has the highest ceiling on the slate as well. I could see Strasburg doing well here, but as high as his ceiling is his floor is low in this match-up. I’ll try to get some, but I’m only comfortable using him in GPPs. I like both Bumgarner and Syndergaard as well tonight in a big park, but their ceilings are limited. Take your pick of the two if you’re looking for a Cash SP2 on DK. There are enough value bats available that I don’t think we have to pay down. Of the two, I give a slight edge to Bumgarner – but both are certainly viable in any format. If I have to play a value pitcher I’d probably go with Gibson and just pray it works out. I have very little confidence in him here, but he does have a decent ceiling.



1B | Ryan Zimmerman | Washington Nationals | $2,700 FanDuel | $3,400 DraftKings

Opponent: Kyle Wright (ATL)

1. Wright is probably the worst pitcher on the board. He has a hideous 6.28 xFIP this season.
2. Zimmerman is severely under-priced on both sites considering his upside. He helps us pay up for Bauer and fit in other higher priced bats.
3. He has a respectable .195 ISO against RHP since the start of 2018. Underrated power.
4. He correlates well with other Nationals in one of the better stacks on the slate (5.00 Implied Runs).

2B | Brian Dozier | Washington Nationals | $2,600 FanDuel | $3,700 DraftKings

Opponent: Kyle Wright (ATL)

1. Dozier has been solid this season. He has an impressive 41.7% Hard Contact Rate against righties.
2. Wright is probably the worst pitcher on the board. He has a hideous 6.28 xFIP this season.
3. He helps greatly from a roster construction stand point as 2B is one of the thinnest positions on the slate.
4. He correlates well with other Nationals in one of the better stacks on the slate (5.00 Implied Runs).

Also consider: F. Freeman (ATL), A. Rendon (WAS), A. Bregman (HOU), M. Olson (OAK), M. Canha (OAK), P. Goldschmidt (STL), J. Donaldson (ATL), J. Altuve (HOU), F. Lindor (CLE), T. Edman (STL), E. Escobar (ARZ), E. Thames (MIL), M. Moustakas (MIL), S. Gennett (CIN), M. Garver (MIN), J. Votto (CIN), J. Lamb (ARZ), A. Simmons (LAA)


OF | Michael Brantley | Houston Astros | $3,800 FanDuel | $4,500 DraftKings

Opponent: Matt Harvey (LAA)

1. Harvey is a bad pitcher, especially to LHH. He’s allowing an awful .272 ISO to lefties this season.
2. He has a solid .202 ISO and an impressive .389 wOBA against RHP this season.
3. He has an excellent 42% Hard Contact Rate against righties this season.
4. He correlates well with other Astros in one of the better stacks on the slate (5.43 Implied Runs).

OF | Jesse Winker | Cincinnati Reds | $2,800 FanDuel | $4,000 DraftKings

Opponent: Dakota Hudson (STL)

1. He’s affordable on both sites and makes it easier to pay up elsewhere.
2. Hudson has had issues with LHH. He’s allowing an ugly .231 ISO and .398 wOBA to them so far this season.
3. He has an impressive .240 ISO against RHP this season.
4. Hitting lead-off he affords you additional opportunities to score you fantasy points. He correlates well with other Reds as part of one of the sneakier stacks on this slate (5.17 Implied Runs).

Also consider: M. Trout (LAA), C. Yelich (MIL), Y. Alvarez (HOU), G. Springer (HOU), J. Soto (WAS), J. Upton (LAA), Y. Puig (CIN), K. Davis (OAK), D. Fowler (STL), R. Braun (MIL), K. Marte (ARZ), J. Reddick (HOU), A. Eaton (WAS), M. Gonzalez (MIN), N. Cruz (MIN), J. Martinez (STL), J. Luplow (CLE), P. Ervin (CIN)

Batter Notes: There really are no Must Have stacks tonight. For that reason I’m more comfortable plucking one-offs than I usually am. That being said, I’ll be prioritizing Astros and Nationals. Astros lefties are a priority against the “Dark Knight” Matt Harvey. I’m higher on the Reds than I expect most people are. The Angels will be a much better stack if Trout cracks the line-up. Favorite one-offs tonight include Yordan Alvarez, Tommy Edman, Matt Olson, and Dexter Fowler. Edman should be in your Cash line-up on either site. 

Top Stacks (In order of preference)
1. Astros (Brantley, Alvarez, Bregman, Altuve, Springer, etc.)
2. Nationals (Rendon, Soto, Zimmerman, Dozier, Eaton, Turner, etc.)
3. Reds (Suarez, Winker, Puig, Votto, Senzel, etc.)

Honorable Mentions (In order of preference)
4. Cardinals (Goldschmidt, Edman, Fowler, O’Neill, Martinez, etc.)
5. Brewers (Yelich, Grandal, Moustakas, Braun, Thames, Hiura, etc.)
6. Angels (Trout, Upton, Fletcher, Ohtani, Simmons, etc.)

Nick Marro is a DailyPlayAction MLB expert and MLB Team Lead. He shares his player research/projections for MLB on DraftKings and FanDuel. Nick plays on both sites himself, and although he expresses his opinions, he may implement other plays and strategies without notice. Follow him on Twitter @NickMarroDFS.