The Daily Diamond – 8.8 – Premium Cash Game Core Plays – FanDuel and DraftKings MLB


Hey Playmakers!!! Nick Marro here with my Cash Game Core Plays for both DraftKings and FanDuel. In addition to my Core-5, I’ve also provided you some other options to consider, as well as some notes on my thought process in building my lineup. These plays are intended for Cash games, but their overall quality should make them nice GPP plays as well. Keep an eye out for today’s Stack Report, a breakdown of our favorite Hitter stacks, as well as the DPA Pitcher Cheat Sheet.

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The DPA Daily Diamond Premium Cash Core:

P | Aaron Nola | Philadelphia Phillies | $10,800 FanDuel | $10,600 DraftKings

Opponent: San Francisco Giants

1. Nola has a very solid 26.9% K Rate this season.
2. San Francisco’s 3.75 Implied Run Total is one of the lowest numbers on the board.
3. He gets a major boost via park factor tonight pitching in Oracle.
4. His 6.5 (-134) K Prop is one of the most favorable numbers on the board. He has excellent upside here.

Also consider: C. Sale (BOS), J. Gray (COL), D. Keuchel (MIA), M. Clevinger (CLE), M. Boyd (DET), M. Bumgarner (SFG), D. German (NYY)

Pitcher Notes: I expect most of the industry to be on Sale in Cash tonight, but I’m only going to use him in GPPs. I do love his upside at his price, but his volatility seems too serious to use him in Cash games. Aaron Nola is my guy and I’m happy to use him in any format. His floor feels MUCH higher than Sale’s in spite of what most projection models may be telling us. Jon Gray is my preferred SP2 in Cash on DraftKings, and he’s also one of my favorite GPP options on the board. He’s shaky at times, but the park and K upside a match-up with the Padres provides is tough to ignore. I don’t mind Keuchel as a floor play, but I’m not as high on him as the rest of the industry seems to be. Clevinger, Boyd, German, and Bumgarner are all worthy GPP plays. They should all come in fairly low owned.

1B | Sam Travis | Boston Red Sox | $2,600 FanDuel | $3,600 DraftKings

Opponent: Dillon Peters (LAA)

1. He has a solid .196 ISO against LHP this season. Underrated power potential.
2. His near 43% Hard Contact Rate and .270 BABIP against LHP this season suggests his numbers are likely to improve.
3. Peters has had major issues with RHH this season. He’s allowing an ugly .216 ISO and .356 wOBA to them in 2019.
4. He correlates well with other Red Sox as part of one of the best stacks on the slate (6.75 Runs).

2B/SS | Jose Peraza | Cincinnati Reds | $2,000 FanDuel | $2,900 DraftKings

Opponent: Cole Hamels (CHC)

1. PRICE PLAY!!! He’s too cheap on both sites when you consider his upside. He makes it easier to pay up at other positions.
2. BvP is a flawed statistic, but it’s re-assuring knowing he’s gone 4 for 9 with 2 SBs against Hamels.
3. Hamels has had issues with RHH at times. He’s allowing a shaky 41.4% Hard Contact Rate to righties since the start of 2018.
4. He helps greatly from a roster construction stand-point as 2B is one of the thinner positions on the slate.

Also consider: R. Devers (BOS), X. Bogaerts (BOS), D. LeMahieu (NYY), G. Urshela (NYY), E. Suarez (CIN), K. Bryant (CHC), J. Baez (CHC), F. Freeman (ATL), T. Story (COL), N. Arenado (COL), F. Lindor (CLE), J. Ramirez (CLE), J. Donaldson (ATL0, D. Gregorious (NYY), O. Albies (ATL), N. Goodrum (DET), H. Castro (DET), M. Chavis (BOS), J. Smoak (TOR), B. Dixon (DET), M. Ford (NYY)

OF | Nick Castellanos | Chicago Cubs | $3,400 FanDuel | $4,200 DraftKings

Opponent: Alex Wood (CIN)

1. He’s too cheap on both sites considering his upside.
2. He has an excellent .278 ISO against LHP this season. Tremendous power.
3. Wood has had major issues with RHH this season. He’s allowing an ugly .233 ISO to righties in 2019.
4. He correlates well with other Cubs in one of the better stacks on a limited slate (4.98 Implied Runs).

OF | Aaron Judge | New York Yankees | $4,200 FanDuel | $4,500 DraftKings

Opponent: Thoman Pannone (TOR)

1. He’s under-priced on both sites in spite of his excellent upside in this match-up.
2. He has an outstanding .263 ISO against LHP in 2019. Excellent power.
3. Pannone has been terrible this season. He’s posting a 5.39 xFIP and allowing an ugly 40% Hard Contact Rate to righties this season.
4. His .477 wOBA against LHP is among the best numbers on the slate.

Also consider: M. Trout (LAA), J. Martinez (BOS), M. Betts (BOS), R. Acuna (ATL), N. Cruz (MIN), A. Benintendi (BOS), J. Soler (KCR), J. Jones (DET), N. Senzel (CIN), F. Reyes (CLE), I. Desmond (COL), A. Aquino (CIN), J. Bradley (BOS), P. Ervin (CIN), J. Naylor (SDP), I. Happ (CHC), T. Naquin (CLE)

Batter Notes: Since we have a lot of good pitching on this slate, it limits the places we can target bats. For that reason, stacking is slightly less important in GPPs as it usually is. Yankees and Red Sox appear to be chalk once again.  Eugenio Suarez and Jose Ramirez both look excellent as potential Cash Third Baseman. Sandy Leon makes sense as your Cash catcher on DraftKings. Mike Ford is cheap on both sites and I love Cameron Maybin’s price on FanDuel. Favorite one-offs tonight include Freddie Freeman, Ozzie Albies, Franmil Reyes, Ian Happ, and Ian Desmond.

Top Stacks (In order of preference)
1. Yankees (Judge, LeMahieu, Gregorious, Tauchmann, Maybin, Ford, etc.)
2. Red Sox (Betts, Martinez, Devers, Bogaerts, Benintendi, Moreland, Vasquez etc.)
3. Braves (Freeman, Albies, Acuna, Donaldson, Inciarte, etc.)

Honorable Mentions (In order of preference)
4. Indians (Ramirez, Lindor, Santana, Puig, Reyes, Kipnis, Mercado, etc.)
4. Cubs (Castellanos, Rizzo, Bryant, Baez, Heyward, Schwarber, etc.)
6. Tigers (Goodrum, Jones, Castro, Cabrera, Demeritte, etc.)
7. Reds (Suarez, Aquino, Iglesias, Ervin, Peraza, etc.)

Nick Marro is a DailyPlayAction MLB expert and MLB Team Lead. He shares his player research/projections for MLB on DraftKings and FanDuel. Nick plays on both sites himself, and although he expresses his opinions, he may implement other plays and strategies without notice. Follow him on Twitter @NickMarroDFS.