The Daily Faceoff – October 10th Main Slate – NHL DFS


There is a song by Genesis that goes “I can feel it coming in the air tonight…..”. Can you feel it? I can! 11 games tonight, ladies and gentlemen. In those 11 games we have some marquee match-ups. Leafs vs. Lightning, Predators vs. Capitals, and the Avalanche vs. Bruins. If that doesn’t excite you maybe hockey isn’t your thing. If it does, strap yourself in and get ready for some high-octane hockey tonight.

Logically, one would think it’s best to go with those games that have top teams squaring off. In one case, yes, go with the Leafs for the win against the Bolts. Other than that, it’s the one-sided games we want to target. One game that comes to mind is the Edmonton Oilers vs. the New Jersey Devils. Edmonton has been dominant this season so far, and their contributions have come from more than just McDavid and Draisaitl. Furthermore, the Oilers get a downtrodden Devils team that has been anemic defensively fresh off of a rough game against the Flyers. These are just a few of a plethora of opportunities for DFS success tonight. Without further adieu lets look at some of the best options. “Let’s Do That Hockey”

Preferred Stacks

CHI Line 1: Nylander | Toews | Kane

DraftKings: $18,500 (37% of Salary) | FanDuel: $19,600 (36% of Salary)

You might be asking yourself, out of all the options to go with tonight….why Chicago? To start, the combination of Toews and Kane has been one of the most consistent combos over the past 10 years and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Patrick Kane, fresh off a 110 point season, registered 3 points in his first game of the season. Jonathan Toews while he was held scoreless in the first game is coming off his best scoring season of his career with 81 points. Slowing down? Don’t think so! A new player for the Hawks and the Kane/Toews line is Alex Nylander. A former first round pick of the Buffalo Sabres, son of Michael Nylander, and brother of William. Alex Nylander has no shortage of talent as evidenced by his goal in the first game. All 3 players are on a PP unit with Nylander being the lone PP Unit 2 player. In addition to Chicago’s offensive prowess, the San Jose Sharks have been (surprisingly) one of the worst teams in hockey this year. The main reasons for the Sharks struggles have been their sub-par goaltending from Martin Jones and Aaron Dell, who have coughed up a league leading 17 goals. Roster this line confidently.

EDM Line 1: Draisaitl | McDavid | Kassian

DraftKings: $ 20,500 (41% of Salary) | FanDuel: $22,100 (40% of Salary)

You pay for what you get is an age-old adage. In most cases the saying holds true. In regards to the Oilers Line 1, it has been very true this season. Any hockey fan has heard ad-nauseaum about how talented McDavid and Draisaitl are. So here is the skinny, this line has put up 19 points in 3 games. Let that sink in for a second. Still don’t think this line is worth it? The New Jersey Devils have given up 19 goals in 4 games to get off to an 0-4 start. This is the perfect storm brewing and about to touch down in NJ. Get into the eye of that storm and win your DFS contests with this line!

Bargain Bin

TBL | D | Mikhail Sergachev | DraftKings: $3,900 | FanDuel: $4,500

The 21-year old Russian blue liner out of Russia is leading the offensively powerful Lightning so far this season. Sergachev, the former first round pick, has 4 points in 3 games. Sergachev is getting second line power play duty as well. He has had seasons of 40 and 32 points in his first two seasons. So this start is no fluke. What is a fluke is that he is so cheap in both main DFS formats. Against an average defensive team, but dynamic offensively, in Toronto there should be no shortage of opportunities for Sergachev to get on the score sheet.

EDM | W | Tomas Jurco | DraftKings: $3,100 | FanDuel: $3,500

All in on Edmonton in this match-up against the Devils. Jurco is lining up with the super hot James Neal and RNH on the Oilers second line. Jurco has 2 points in the first 2 games this season. Jurco is a former second round pick of the Red Wings out of the Czech Republic. He has faced many injuries throughout his career which has ultimately forced him into AHL duty. He has averaged close to a point per game in the AHL when healthy though. This season could be a legitimate shot for him to finally breakthrough at age 26. A strong Oilers team going against a seemingly lost Devils team AND a highly motivated winger is a recipe for success.

DAL | C | Roope Hintz | DraftKings: $5,000 | FanDuel: $5,500

As previously mentioned in this section, Hintz has been carving out a strong start to this season. With 4 goals in 3 games the young Finn might not be a bargain for too much longer. Hintz is centering a formidable second line on even strength and the power play. Playing on line with the likes of Tyler Seguin and Joe Pavelski should continue to yield points for Hintz. His match-up tonight against the Flames, and either David Rittich or Cam Talbot, should provide him with opportunities to continue his goal scoring ways.

Blue Line Special

CHI | D | Erik Gustafsson | DraftKings: $4,700 | Fanduel: $ 5,500

Erik Gustafsson seemed to come out of nowhere last season with the Blackhawks. The 27-year old Swede put up a 60 point season last year (his first full season). Gustafsson might just be the defenseman that gets the torch passed from the likes of Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook. Still, he is getting first defensive pairing and first PP duty so he will be lining up with legends Kane and Toews. As mentioned above, the Blackhawks have an excellent opportunity to score some goals against a porous Sharks defense. Gustafsson should be one of several beneficiaries here.

MIN | D | Matthew Dumba | DraftKings: $4,500 | FanDuel: $5,000

Matthew Dumba has been gaining hype ever since being taken 7th overall by the Minnesota Wild. Dumba had what looked to be a breakout season in 2017-2018 when he scored 50 points. Last year looked to be more of the same, but his season was cut short and he had 22 points in 32 games. Fast forward to the present and Dumba is off to an encouraging start with 2 points in 2 games. He is on the top defensive pairing and power play unit. The Wild play the Jets in tonight’s game, which is a great opportunity for Dumba to continue his early scoring ways as Winnipeg. Winnipeg has let up 15 goals in 4 games so make that 16 and 1 for Dumba. Count on that.


STL | G | Jake Allen | DraftKings: $8,200 | FanDuel: $ 7,300

Jake Allen is hockey’s version of Wally Pip. The clear #1 going into last season, Allen was displaced by Binnington as the Blues were floundering. The rest is history. This season Allen is the clear #2 and needs to prove himself every chance he gets. Tonight is a great opportunity for Allen. Allen’s opponent tonight is Ottawa. Ottawa has had inauspicious start to the year at 0-2. In those 2 games they have only scored 4 goals. Between ineffective scoring from the Senators and strong scoring support from his team Allen should get the win.

ANA | G | John Gibson | DraftKings: $7,400 | FanDuel: $8,300

Gibson is proof positive that a sub-par team can ride a hot goalie to victories. Make no mistake, Gibson’s start is no fluke. Gibson has been flirting with being an elite level goalie for several seasons. With an otherworldly save percentage of .970 going into tonight’s tilt with the Penguins. Two other contributing factors are in Gibson’s favor tonight. One, the Penguins are banged up and looking lost. This is not the Penguins of the past several years. Second,  he will be playing a hometown game as he is a Pittsburgh native. With all this being said you can rest assured Gibson will be poised to get you the win tonight.

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