The Stack Report – Week 10 Main Slate – NFL DFS

Hello, again and welcome to my Week 10 NFL Main Slate Stack Report for NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Contests. My name is CD Hill (@cdhill81 on Twitter), and as one of DPA’s NFL Pundits, I will once again make it my duty to highlight the importance of correlation in your GPP rosters this weekend. As I mentioned last week, there are a few components that focus on this particular strategy and that’s what this article concentrates on. Now that you have an understanding of what to expect in this piece, best of luck moving forward in whatever contests you join, and let’s get down to business!
Note: This is just a heads up. Keep an eye on all of the players listed as Questionable in this article. Only consider going with that player if he’s listed as a starter before kickoff this Sunday.

New York Giants

QB | Daniel Jones with RB | Saquon Barkley 

Both Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley had a rough go of it last week in a loss against the Cowboys (37-18). Jones had 210 yards passing, one TD, one INT, two fumbles, and was sacked five times in that contest while Barkley ended up with 95 rushing+receiving yards and zero TDs. However, both players should have a much easier time in their next matchup. They face the struggling 1-7 Jets this week. New York (AFC) is an average team, at best, against the pass and they haven’t been shy to give up a good amount of rushing touchdowns either this year (eight rushing TDS against and that’s fourth worst in the NFL, tied with four other teams). The Jets are also coming off of an embarrassing loss to a very weak Dolphins team in Week 9 by the score of 24-16. That was Miami’s first win of the season. Jones has already shown what he can do in a soft matchup (In Week 8 vs. Detroit: 322 passing yards; four TDs) and Barkley, too, especially, has shown what he can do in those types of contests (In Week 8 vs. Detroit: 143 total yards and a TD). All of this is what makes this Stack solid in Tourneys (thanks to Jones’ low salary and projected low ownership) and a more than doable one in Cash games (thanks to Barkley’s floor and surreal upside).
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

QB | Jameis Winston with WR | Chris Godwin

(preferred Stack) or WR | Mike Evans

You can go with either, but I prefer the Jameis Winston (averages 21.9 DraftKings points and 19.52 FanDuel points) and Chris Godwin (averages 22.7 DraftKings points and 17.80 FanDuel points) train over the Winston and Mike Evans (averages 23.4 DraftKings points and 19.15 FanDuel points) one in Week 10. I say that because Godwin will have the easier secondary matchup between the two stud Bucs receivers (Godwin and Evans) this week since Evans will likely get top Arizona cornerback, Patrick Peterson, mirroring him in his Week 10 contest with the Cardinals. That could really make Evans’ week problematic for him. Now, of course, starting Winston will always come with some risk because he is known to fumble and throw some picks but since his team has the come from behind mentality since they are down much of the time in games week in and week out this year, he should be a solid bet for ample passing yards on Sunday. It also helps his case that his squad will likely be in a shootout in this one with Arizona (their defense is horrid against the pass), so along with plenty of passing yards, he should see plenty of red zone opportunities, too. Wideout, Godwin, has the potential to get 5-10 catches, 100+ receiving yards and at least one touchdown, in this game and while he’ll cost you top dollar to own (just like Evans), he should be worth shelling out plenty of DFS dollars thanks to his fantastic ceiling and safe floor. Winston will be pretty costly, too, but a little less than either of these receivers and he’ll have some serious upside this week and a safe enough floor. This Stack, no matter which receiver you choose, is looking like a solid cash game one due to the expensive costs and high pOWN% of the players. It also has its appeal in GPPs thanks to the potential high Fantasy Point total.
Baltimore Ravens

QB | Lamar Jackson with WR | Marquise Brown and/or

| Baltimore Ravens D/ST

Lamar Jackson just had the game of his career in Week 9 against the undefeated Patriots. Jackson sported 224 passing+rushing yards (61 rushing) and finished with three touchdown (two rushing) in a 37-20 win over New England last Sunday. It had to be quite the experience for him and it should be a huge confidence booster for the young QB. Jackson is now the top scoring Fantasy QB on both DraftKings and FanDuel. Luckily, he now heads into Cincinnati to face an impermeable Bengals team that’s awful against QBs that run a lot and that’s mid-tier against the pass when comparing them against all other NFL defenses. The high-upside receiver to target from the Ravens is Marquise Brown since he comes in extremely cheap and has long-ball catch ability, to boot. Brown hasn’t had a standout game since Week 1 against the Dolphins (4-147-2) but he seems due to have another one and now looks like the perfect time to do so for his team since he’s still their top wide receiver. Baltimore’s starting tight end, Mark Andrews, was considered for this Stack, too, but this matchup doesn’t suit him (Cincy covers TEs well). The Baltimore Ravens D/ST is also an intriguing add on to this stack despite the flaws this defense has shown sporadically in 2019. This D can now concentrate on pressuring new Bengals starting QB, Ryan Finley, this week and show its big-play ability like it has at times already this season. It seems likely that will happen because in addition to the Ravens’ starting QB’s stellar play and starting RB’s solid numbers (Mark Ingram plays a huge role), Baltimore is heavily favored to win on Sunday thanks to their ability to make big plays and greatly minimize rushing yards and passing touchdowns, too. Overall, Jackson’s high price tag combined with Brown’s rock-bottom salary requirement makes this Stack a very serviceable GPP play even if you add a top-end Ravens D/ST to the mix. With that said, any of them combined with Jackson is a doable Cash game play as well.

Indianapolis Colts

RB | Marlon Mack with | Indianapolis Colts D/ST

(preferred Stack) and WR | Zach Pascal

For starters, no matter who starts at QB this week for the Colts (the Questionable, Jacoby Brissett, knee, or Brian Hoyer), this Stack comes in as a sneaky good GPP play whether you start Marlon Mack with Colts D/ST and Zach Pascal or Mack and Colts D/ST without Pascal. However, I’ll explain one thing you need to know about this Stack later. Now, as long as Mack scores at least one TD in his matchup with the Dolphins this week, the chances of him putting up a good amount of Fantasy Points is fairly high. I can say that with some ease since Mack is facing a Miami team on Sunday that gives up the most rushing yards per game in the league and he’s ninth in the NFL in total rushing yards. I like combining the Indy D/ST with Mack in this Stack since Miami’s D is also weak against the pass, particularly in passing TDs against (third worst in the NFL, tied with two other teams). Finally, if you want to give a crazy cheap wideout with noticeable upside in this Stack a shot, too, who’s also from Indianapolis, by all means, go with Zach Pascal. After all, in the two games his team was without starting wideout, T.Y. Hilton (calf), this year, Pascal ended up with four catches for 72 yards in the one game and five catches for 76 yards and a score, respectively, in the other contest. He also has two other games with TDs this season, including a 6-106-2 line in Week 7 against the Texans and has done all of this efficient work for him team despite whatever QB was throwing his way. In the end, Mack is reasonably priced while the Colts D/ST is going to cost you a little bit considering their matchup. Both are predicted to be very popular plays in DFS this week, though, due to their safe floors, so Cash games are a sure route to take with them while GPPs are a definite consideration. If you add Pascal to the mix in this Stack, they then become a much more viable Tourney play since he’s the X-factor in the equation that helps this Indy player combo stick out more.

Honorable Mentions / GPP Stacks

(Cash/GPP) New Orleans Saints: QB | Drew Brees with RB | Alvin Kamara

(Questionable, preferred Stack, but go with Latavius Murray if Kamara sits)

or WR | Michael Thomas (Murray over Thomas if Kamara sits)

 Carolina Panthers: QB | Christian McCaffrey (Questionable) with |

Carolina Panthers D/ST

(GPP) Arizona Cardinals: QB | Kyler Murray with

WR | Christian Kirk (preferred Stack) or WR | Larry Fitzgerald 

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